Netwell Corp.
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  • Life Science
  • Telecommunication Product
  • Video Network Solutions
  • Business Plannning


NetWell was founded in June, 2000 based on a vision to develop our proprietary software, MarkOne web Marketing engine, after short while started to import specialized software for bioinformatics.
Since then we have been providing our products and services as the best solutions to our clients.

Today, NetWelll provides many kinds of products, such as devices, components, and subsystem for communication field and also video network field based on our partnership with leading technology companies around the world.
NetWell provides variety in our product, however its fundamental is a clear and simple. It is network and communication.

No one can predict a clear picture of the future. We, NetWell will continue to work closely with our customers and partners for better future and mutually beneficial relationship.


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